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About Us

Avance is a company located in Granada, Southern Spain, dedicated to the removal of dents using the PDR system. 

Our technicians are highly skilled in the craft of dent removal with all types of vehicle bodywork, without the need for spray paint or filler. 

Our technicians have gained vast knowledge, through years of training, in many countries including USA, Great Britain, Germany and Spain.  In this website we aim to inform you about our advanced system of dent removal (Avance PDR) and show you how we can help resolve many different dent related problems by using our services.

We can repair damaged caused by such things as:

Please note we can repair all types of dents including creases, regardless of the age, make or model even classics and motorcycles. 

The Avance PDR method can be used on all metal and aluminium even certain plastics, e.g. bumpers providing the paintwork has not been damaged e.g. scratched (beyond polishing), badly grazed, cracked or previously filled.  

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