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Frequently asked questions


How do you achieve total elimination of the dents?
We achieve this by using specially designed tools and advanced lighting techniques for the treatment and removal of dents. By using highly polished steel rods and bars shaped like spoons we very carefully lift the damaged area, to match the original undamaged surface, thereby smoothing out the entire area, to achieve the look of the original factory finish without compromising the paintwork, constantly monitoring the process with advanced focusing aids.

What will happen to my paintwork?
With our system, Avance PDR, the treated areas do not need filling or re-spraying conserving the original lines and anti-rust properties that came with your car from the factory.

Do you offer free no obligation quotations?

Contact [see example quotation ]

Yes.  Nowadays with digital cameras, e-mail and phone cameras a quotation is just a few moments away.  Send us 2 or 3 pictures of each dent or damaged area and we will reply with an accurate estimate which will allow you to easily compare quotations from more traditional bodyshops.

Is the repair guaranteed ?
To ensure complete customer confidence on the day of the repair before commencing the work, you will be provided with a written quotation and guarantee of the quality achievable - we only ask for payment when the quality guaranteed has been achieved. In addition all repairs are guaranteed 100% stable and will not worsen or re-appear during the lifetime of the vehicle.

What risks are there to the un-damaged areas?
The risks normally associated with traditional bodywork methods do not exist with the Avance  PDR system.  We do not use the same highly abrasive method of grinding, filling and spraying . This method usually requires a thin layer of your car’s steel to be removed in order to achieve a key for the application of plastic bodyfiller.
Not only does this weaken your car’s structure the filler often shrinks or cracks leaving unsightly low areas or patches, clearly visible in certain conditions. Above all, modern paints and metallics can be difficult to match often leading to easily noticeable repairs. The Avance PDR method does not require any grinding (removal of metal) plastic filler or spraying ensuring your vehicle retains its original colour and panel thickness for a factory finish everytime, guaranteed.

How long will a repair take ?
The repairs are fast, whether carried out at our premises, your home, or place of work.  Much depends on the extent of the damage and the exact positioning of the dent on the vehicle. Access ranges from easy to almost impossible but generally given sufficient time we can access virtually any dent, in any position, on any vehicle.  Taking an example of a vehicle damaged by hailstones – this could take between say, 3-12 hours to complete, however a small dent the size of a 50p coin (depending on the depth of dent) would usually take less than an hour. 

Will I need to purchase new parts ?
It is not necessary to change or buy any new parts, as only the damaged area is returned to its factory finish.  In rare circumstances should we need to gain access to the dent by removing a piece of your cars trim sometimes new trim clips would need to be purchased, but these items  rarely cost more than a few pence and are easy to refit when the dent has been removed.

Is your Avance PDR method of bodywork expensive ?
No.  One of the greatest advantages of the Avance method of bodywork is that it offers a  significant cost saving compared to traditional methods, as there is no need to subject the car to days or sometimes weeks in a traditional bodyshop.  Most repairs are completed the same day, thereby saving on the cost of a hire car.  Another significant advantage comes in the form of keeping your insurance no-claims bonus intact. In most cases the repairs are less than what your excess would be.  General savings range from 25 % to 75 %  of traditional bodyshop repair methods and  no cost at all to the environment.!

My hire/leasing company are going to fine me/deduct an allowance on part exchange because my vehicle has a few small dents on most panels – will your Avance PDR method save me money ?
Yes, most certainly.  A lot of hire/leasing companies are getting very strict on the ‘condition returned’ policy – a dent or two on most panels will mean they will deduct sufficient to re spray the entire vehicle. With our method we are only repairing the dents and therefore the overall saving would be very significant, in most cases around 70% less than they will fine/charge you or deduct from your next down payment i.e. residual value.

What type of dents are you not able to repair ?
We pride ourselves on being able to remove dents larger than most people would believe is possible. 
However, whilst the larger dents showcase what can be achieved . If a dent is too large, too deep, or badly creased, sometimes the amount of time and effort to realise a factory finish repair would offset any benefit over traditional methods. Another factor to bear in mind is the condition of the paintwork surrounding the dent or within the dent itself - if the paint is scratched badly beyond polishing or showing signs of ‘crazing’ or cracking or in extreme cases splitting, then this type of dent is not suitable for the PDR method and will require a traditional method of bodywork i.e. filling and spraying. Having said this the Avance PDR method can be used prior to traditional body repairs in order to limit the amount of filler required – this is often of particular interest to owners of classic or historic vehicles where replacement panels are no longer available and where the idea of filler would be unwelcome.

I have a dent with a small scratch that will not polish out – I can live with a small hardly noticeable scratch but not the dent surrounding it, therefore would you be prepared to undertake the removal of the dent if I accept that the scratch will still be visible ?
Certainly.  As with the example above there are always exceptions and providing the surrounding area is not likely to be worsened using the PDR method we will remove the dent.  The results vary considerably with this type of repair many customers (mainly dealers and leasing companies) require us to carry out dent repairs on scratched panels and on almost every one the results are astonishingly good !  Whereby earlier your eye would be drawn to the dent and therefore the slight blemish or mark in the paintwork, with the dent removed more often than not you do not see the imperfection in the paintwork either.  These types of dents are carried out entirely at the owners risk and a 100% repair cannot be guaranteed.

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